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    Falcon2Falcon is an initiative designed to support members of the Groves High School Community. As a joint effort of Groves High School and the PTSA, Falcon2Falcon recognizes that families in our community face situations of personal and economic hardship. To help these families, Falcon2Falcon offers three avenues of support: community advocacy and resource support, limited financial support and volunteer services.

    If you are aware of a family in need that may benefit from services through Falcon2Falcon, please reach out and submit a referral. Each referral is kept confidential and is vetted through an established list of needs criteria. If you would like to donate to the cause or join the volunteer corps, we want to hear from you too! Individuals can also reach out Groves CSO, Mrs. Sak at ESak@birmingham.k12.mi.us.

    Filling local needs in our community, Falcon2Falcon illustrates a commitment to care, to uphold the sense of community that makes Groves unique. Please, join us!


     Do you know someone at Groves who is in need?

    Please use the link below to fill out the referral form. Our Falcon2Falcon Committee will follow up from there. Thank you! 

    Falcon2Falcon Referral Form


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     Falcon2Falcon Q&A


    Q: What is the Falcon2Falcon Program?

    A: It is a internal program that provides necessary assistance to the Groves family, staff and the greater BPS community dealing with emergency circumstances.

    Q: Who runs the program?

    A: The Falcon2Falcon Committee includes two Groves representatives, the Groves Community Service Organizer, and three parent board member representatives who work with administrators to carry forth the mission and initiatives associated with this program. 

    Q: How does the Committee raise funds and collect donations?

    A: Funding and in-kind donations are raised through direct contributions from parents and staff to support independent requests for assistance and seasonal giving initiatives.

    Q: How do I apply for assistance for myself or for someone else?

    A: Groves families in need should not hesitate to contact any Groves administrator, faculty or staff member to discuss potential Falcon2Falcon support. Throughout the year, adult members of the Groves community may submit confidential requests for assistance to the Falcon-Falcon Committee on behalf of another party or for themselves. 

    Q: I'm a teacher, administrator, coach or staff member. How do I formally request assistance?

    A: Groves teachers, administrators and staff can access the request form through Google forms. Anyone struggling to locate the form should contact the CSO office for assistance.

    Q: I made a request. What happens next?

    A: After careful but prompt review, the Committee then works with the requesting party to determine and administer the appropriate support for the individual(s) in need as allowed through its programmatic guidelines. This effort usually entails having confidential conversations between the requesting individual or a Committee member and the person/family in need.

    Q: How long does the process take?

    A: Support requiring assistance of $250 or less can usually be made within a few days of the request date. Support for assistance $250 and greater, may require a longer turnaround time as the entire Committee must convene virtually or in person to discuss. 

    Q: Does the Committee support external requests from charitable community programs?

    A: Falcon2Falcon is not intended to support official, organized charitable programs. However, the Committee reserves the right to append this guideline in times of extreme emergencies affecting the greater BPS community directly.

    Q: Can the Committee make a donation of cash, check or a money order directly to a program recipient?

    A: No. BPS business services protocols do not allow for cash, checks or money orders to be made out to any party.

    Q: What are some of the types of assistance the Committee has offered in the past.

    A: In the past, the Committee assisted a family or individual in need by:

    • Purchasing groceries
    • Helping with bill payments
    • Providing clothing and other life essentials 
    • Providing seasonal gifts and donations. 

    Thank you to the administrators, faculty, staff and parents who support this program. Because of you, acts of goodwill and necessary assistance are made possible each year from Falcon2Falcon!


    Falcon2Falcon Referral Form