Degrees and Certifications:

University of Michigan - Undergraduate Degree - Major: English, Minor: Psychology Michigan State University - Graduate Degree - Master of Educational Administration

Ms. Booth

Welcome to Strategies and/or English Language Arts. 

Semester-long Learning Targets for all: 

Together we can...

(1) continue to learn to read (critically) as we read to learn.

(2) learn strategies to think critically.

(3) be inspired to positively impact our world.


Our work is grounded in and inspired by research and principles from New Pedagogies for Deep Learning, The Book Whisperer by Donalyn Miller, and the urging of Birmingham Public School's superintendent, Mr. Mark Dziatczak, to dream big. And we will. 

Here is a little about me: After graduating from the University of Michigan (go blue!), I was blessed to have started my teaching career at Berkshire Middle School in 2005. Since then I have taught a variety of courses and sponsored many clubs: Sixth-grade Language Arts, Forensics, Organized Arts and Enrichment, The Berkshire Musical, Glee Club, and SPARC. I have also been the chairperson of our School Improvement Committee or Education Council and am an active member in our Character Education committee. And, though I am not necessarily an active member, I always look forward to our Ice-cream Social, PastaPalooza, Art Jam, and the Proud Dad's 5K race! Sometimes I will even step in as Assistant Principal for the Day when our APs are at a meeting.

As you can see, staying involved in school is not only important for students, it is important for teachers as well! Berkshire offers a variety of activities for students and staff - I encourage all of my students to get involved in their school extracurricular activities to optimize their learning opportunities! 


For questions/concerns or other information, please email me at


Here are a few interesting facts about me that shape who I am:

*I admire my dad who passed away in 2008 but was a hard-working, family-loving, supportive, and humble Godly man

*I have an identical twin sister who works for Meadowlark Design and Build in Ann Arbor

*I have four-year old boy/girl twins at home - Hunter and Elin - and a two-year-old Westin and a seven-month old, Grayson

*I am a ultramarathoner - just for kicks sometimes I run an ultramarathon around town. If you see me, please bring a coffee!

*In my downtime  (ha ha) I love to play outside with my two Irish Setters - Piper and Dasher

*My husband went to Greenfield, Berkshire, and Groves (then MSU [Construction Management] and law school)

*I was a vegetarian for 22 years of my life. Now I don't know how I survived without bacon.

*Sometimes I wake up early just so that I can enjoy my morning coffee - Chai Lattes are a special treat!

*I'm a morning person

*I love good food (and, apparently, now meat as well)


I so enjoy teaching and learning and plan to do both for the rest of my life! It is an honor to work with you in your journey of teaching and learning. As a respected collegue once told me, we all have a role - each one, teach one.