Seaholm Open Lunch Guideline

  • At Seaholm, we have an open campus lunch policy for 11th and 12th grade students. This allows students to leave the Seaholm campus during their lunch period. Please speak with your child about these important parameters:

     Junior and Senior grade level students must have parent/guardian permission to participate in open lunch.* Freshman and Sophomore students are not permitted to leave campus during lunch time.

    1. Students must show their student ID card/pass as they leave the building.
    2. Students may be asked to turn in their student ID card/pass for the following reasons:
      • Arriving to class late;
      • Taking underclassmen off campus for lunch;
      • Violating the code of conduct; and/or
      • Reckless driving during school hours and/or while driving to or from a school sponsored event.

     Open Lunch is a privilege for students. Prior to giving parental permission, it would be quite appropriate for parents to take into consideration such factors as:

    • a child’s driving record;
    • the quality of the student’s decision making;
    • the degree to which the student regularly demonstrates responsible behavior within the family, school, and the greater community.

     Seaholm Maples are reflective, compassionate and honorable throughout their day – including lunchtime. We look forward to supporting our students in demonstrating these important traits as they accept the responsibilities and privileges of open campus.

Lunch Time