• Course Focus

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    Course Focus

    • Curiosity
    • Metacognition
    • Failure
    • Making & Creating
    • Effort & Achievement
    • Inventive Thinking
    • Effective Communication and Collaboration
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  • Day to Day

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    Engage Unit

    Through teacher-directed projects, students will explore the components of STEAM.  Elements of student-choice and self-direction will exist.  Constructionism, studio-based learning and makerspaces are heavy influences in the direction of the projects.

    Thinkering Studio Unit

    The second half of the course will focus on student-selected, self-paced projects.  Students will pick one or more projects based on their curiosities.

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  • Possible Projects

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    • Bristlebots Robotics
    • Tinkercad 3D-Printing
    • Minecraft Education
    • Scratch Programming
    • Lego NXT Programming
    • Digital Media Production (Photography, Cinematography, Stop-motion, etc)
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  • Technology

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    • Google Classroom – All assignments will be organized in Google Classroom
    • Adobe Creative Cloud – InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat
    • Newtek Tricaster – For digital media production
    • iMovie & Final Cut Pro X – Editing of Videos
    • BYOT – Students will be have opportunities to bring their own technology if it is needed for their projects.
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  • Student Materials

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    • Folder – Students will want to organize class handouts and classwork
    • Computer / Laptop – For documentation of projects
    • DSLR / Mirrorless Camera – For documentation
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  • Grading

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    Final Course Grade will be determined by the points earned divided by the total points possible.


    The district grading scale will be used. 


    Please check http://birmingham.powerschool.com to access grades online.


    100-93 A              89-87 B+              79-77 C+              69-67 D+              59 or less E

      92-90 A-             86-83 B 76-73 C 66-63 D

                                    82-80 B-               72-70 C-               62-60 D-

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  • Classroom Rules & Procedures

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    In order to have the best possible learning environment, it is necessary for each student to be responsible for his or her own conduct.  The following rules and procedures will be in place to ensure a cooperative environment to teach and learn.


    • Respect others. Students must be able to learn and the teacher must be able to teach.


    • Enter room quietly and without commotion.
    • Passes out of the classroom must be written in an agenda or a pass sheet.
    • Bathroom passes will only be allowed during work time and not during direct instruction. Fill out a pass in your agenda and ask the teacher.
    • Due to the greater use of technology, students are expected to adhere to the rules and procedures outlined in Derby’s technology-use policy.
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