•  Our Classrooms WOULD LOVE your old stuff!

    Clean our your toy closets, empty your crowded garages, this is a mutually beneficial way to build our programs and organize your life!

    ENGAGE Class is looking for:

    • Legos, (both kits and random assorted pieces)
    • K’nex
    • Old board games
    • Soldering iron and accessories
    • Small saw horse
    • Sandpaper
    • PVC cutter
    • Tin snips
    • Tripods
    • Memory cards
    • Hot glue guns
    • Duck tape duck tape and more duck tape
    • Scrapbooking supplies
    • Paints
    • Just about any Crafting items
    • “Retired” Musical instruments (any), guitars, ukuleles , keyboards etc.
    • Dj equipment
    • Egg carton
    • foam
    • Clean large cardboard sheets
    • Scrap wood
    • Any other “retired” STEM toys from your closets
    • Glue
    • Blue painters tape
    • Kleenex
    • Small kitchen appliances

    ART Class is looking for:

    • Legos

    ALL Classes are looking for:

    • Kleenex and hand santitizer - yes cold season is already here!