• To My Juniors,
    I would be lying if I told you that I am the type of teacher who doesn't really take the time to look over your homework and essay assignments.  I would be lying if I told you that I am checking for only accuracy.  And, I would definitely be lying if I told you that I was an easy grader who simply checks to make sure the work is completed.
    All of those are far from the truth.
    You see, I am a teacher who takes her work seriously and I expect the highest standards from my students.  While it may seem and sound daunting, in this course you will be writing at least eight essays during the trimester.  Each one will offer you a chance to explore your own writing style and voice, which I will help to foster.  You will learn how to properly write a debatable argument, using a strong claim, supportive evidence, and critical thinking in your reasoning.  
    Please note:  alll of this takes time, and lots of patience.  Together, we will make sure that you achieve all of your goals as a writer!
    I set the bar high enough so that you can reach it.  As with anything else in life, continual practice sets the tone for a future improvement.  If you expect to advance your skills as a reader and a writer, then you will need to practice.  
    Reading will be an essential part of our everyday routine.  Bring your favorite book or graphic novel to class and we will start each class with fifteen minutes of reading.  This habit will render itself very priceless in the long run, serving as a mode of relaxation and functionality, (you will pick up on some vocabulary words.)
    Writing will be an exercise that will be assigned every other day.  Tedious as it sounds, the goal is to see a "before" and "after" of your work.  As with any goal, the purpose of this is to develop your own writer's style and voice that will be seen as unique.  
    As with any other English class, you will be expected to participate in discussions, to collaborate with group members and to work as much as you can to your potential!
    If you are ever feeling overwhelmed, please let me know and together we can figure out a solution to help you organize your planner, work and time more efficiently!