Bond Proposal 2020

  • Find the latest update on the 2020 Bond here. 


    Thank you.

    We want to sincerely thank our community for the support of the BPS Bond Proposal, passed by our voters on March 10. The passing of the proposal secures $195 in bond dollars that can be used for needed facility upgrades and repairs, technology and additional security.

  • On Tuesday, March 10, 2020 voters will be asked to consider a bond proposal for Birmingham Public Schools. This site will be updated with materials and information related to the bond proposal. Additional materials linked on this page include the proposal language as it will appear on the ballot, the Capital Plan update specifying building needs, communications to stakeholders and an FAQ document, which will be updated on an ongoing basis. 

    This proposal is vastly different from the Operating Millages proposal on the November 2019 ballot. The Operating Millages proposal approved by voters in November provided funding for day-to-day operations, including salaries and general expenses. The Bond proposal up for consideration on March 10 would provide funding for brick-and-mortar improvements and enhancements. Bond funds cannot be used for salaries and benefits. 

    The bond proposal seeks to keep general fund dollars focused on the classrooms, while dedicating bond funds to vital capital needs throughout the District. If approved, the annual debt millage is expected to remain at or below the annual debt millage of 3.80 mills levied in 2019. The bond proposal authorizes the issuance of $195 million of bonds over 3 series through 2026.

    Features of the bond include:

    • Building and site enhancements and improvements to every school within the District
    • High school athletic field enhancements
    • Midvale preschool and senior center site improvements
    • Purchase of buses
    • Security system and technology enhancements
    • Critical infrastructure improvements including HVAC, roofing, plumbing and electrical

    The timing of the March election allows the District to issue the bonds without an increase to taxpayers and allows BPS to save on election costs by placing an item on an existing ballot.

    As a reminder, bond money cannot be used for employees’ salaries and benefits.

    Precinct information can be found at

    As a reminder, there is no political party registration requirement in Michigan Election Law. Any Michigan registered voter can participate in the primary. Learn more by viewing this FAQ sheet



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