• BPS Virtual Learning

    Because schools will be closed for the rest of the school year, Birmingham teachers and students will be making a shift in our approach to online learning.

    Beginning April 15, new course or grade specific virtual classrooms will address district curriculum, including new material. While school buildings will be closed for the remainder of the school year, we are committed to continuing student learning throughout the closure. Even though online learning is not a direct substitute for the types of instruction and support students receive each day when school is in session, it still provides a way to advance learning and to stay connected while we are practicing social distancing. 

    Online learning activities and expectations will look different from the typical lessons that students are used to experiencing in an actual classroom. 

    • Students may need extra time and encouragement to adjust to online formats for learning.
    • Based on district established guidelines, teachers will provide lessons that adhere to optimal schedules and times for students.
    • Not all students are the same and teachers will be flexible in their support as students adjust to learning online. 

    Creation of our alternative learning plans has been guided by research around best practice. Review of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards and dialogue with colleagues and other professionals at multiple levels in the field of education informed decisions around the amount of time for student engagement in content. These decisions were made in the best interest of students. Overall, the times are general and may vary upon the activity and needs of students.

    Shifting from Enrichment to New Learning

    Starting on April 15, students are expected to join new Google Classrooms designed for each course at the secondary level, and each grade level team at the elementary level.

    These new classrooms will provide activities and assignments that will help students progress through new content.

    Students will be expected to submit assignments to receive feedback from their teachers that indicates where students have been successful and where they may want to spend more time. Periodic feedback will guide students in developing understanding and the ability to apply concepts.

    Students who have circumstances that interfere with their ability to participate in an assignment should contact their teacher. During this unprecedented time, teachers will be flexible and understanding of each student’s unique situation.

    On April 15, teachers will be reaching out to students to explain how they can join their new classrooms.