• Middle School

    Scheduling of Online Learning for Students

    Students are encouraged to participate in learning activities, assignments, and teacher contact.

    Expectations for Learning Activities and Assignments

    Students at each level can expect to be engaged in learning activities and assignments from their teachers. Estimated times for learning vary by grade level: 

      • Middle School: 2.5 hours per week, per course


    Middle School Optional Summer Virtual Learning Resources


    Expectations for Teacher Contact 

    General Education Classrooms

    At all levels, teachers realize the importance of checking in to support student wellbeing and to assist students in their learning. It is recommended that students break up their day into multiple shorter sessions or take frequent breaks for physical activity or relaxation should they feel overwhelmed or fatigued. Teachers may use Google Meet or Zoom as a platform for virtual meetings. Schools will work to provide adult contact with students on most days of the week. 

    • Middle school students can expect to participate in one live weekly check-in with each teacher. Typical check-ins will run from 30-60 minutes.
    • Additionally, teachers will monitor and use email as they normally would during the school year.

    Specialized Instruction and Student Services

    The BPS Specialized Instruction and Student Services department will provide support, to the extent possible in an online environment, to continue learning for BPS students with 504 and Individual Education Plans (IEPs). Students with 504 Plans will be supported by their general education teachers and case managers, as appropriate. Students with IEPs will be supported by special education staff to promote success in general education classes. Social workers, as well as Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapists, will contact individual parents to discuss plans for those students who typically receive these services.

    Student Expectations for Online Learning

    • Expectations for student engagement in online learning will depend on the grade level and course. 

    All students will need to log into a Google Classroom as guided by their teachers. At the elementary level, students will find all of their assignments in one Classroom, and secondary students will have Classrooms for each of their courses. This organization will allow teachers to tailor the learning assignments to the needs of their students.

    • The remaining nine weeks of school will be dedicated to preparing students for fall 2020. 

    It is important for students to participate on a regular basis in Google Classroom lessons and assignments. Teachers will expect to see assignments completed and submitted. At the same time, due dates will be less strict than if classes were in full session.If students do not participate, teachers will follow up to check on the wellbeing of the student.

    • Attendance will not be monitored in a traditional sense for the remainder of the school year.

    Teachers will use student submission of assignments to determine participation as an indicator of attendance. By submitting assignments according to the teacher’s guidelines, students are indicating their level of engagement with curriculum.

    Details that follow are provided to assist families in planning student online learning schedules.

    Expectations for Middle School Students:

    • Students will access lessons and assignments through Google Classrooms created by each teacher. 

    Middle school students should plan for approximately 2.5 hours per week of learning for each course.  The total time includes the lesson, activities, and assignments. 

    • In addition to the lessons and assignments, teachers will provide one weekly live check-in session.

    Teachers will schedule Google Meet, Zoom video, Google chat, or Google Doc live as touchpoint sessions for questions and answers.  Virtual meetings will typically last 30- 60 minutes. 

    Sample Student Schedule

    Each individual school will provide a schedule for live sessions offered by teachers during the week. In order to assist families trying to schedule learning each day, the following samples offer suggestions. However, we recommend that each family develop their own schedule based on family needs.

6-8 Smaple Schedule

  •  Grading and Feedback

    Students are expected to participate and perform in continued online learning to prepare themselves appropriately for high school, especially those students in the 8th grade. Teachers will monitor student participation through the submission of completed assignments and will provide meaningful feedback to help students understand how well they are progressing. These assignments can include formative assessments, problem solving, written papers, responses to readings, or other assignments and activities.

    Students will receive a “G” grade, due to our priority on balancing learning and well-being during the prolonged closure. Their ongoing work will be monitored so students are prepared to move to the next level of learning in the fall.

    Virtual learning will occur via Google Classroom. If accessing Google Classroom via mobile phone, you can download the app or access it using the following link: https://classroom.google.com.


    Other Resources

    Students can watch videos on digital citizenship. There are several videos available for secondary students at https://www.commonsense.org/education/videos/discussing-digital-drama.

    Students in 8th grade can set up an account for PSAT preparation through Khan Academy at https://www.khanacademy.org/sat.