Books that can be accessed remotely

  • What's here: Single-user (one checkout at a time) eBooks and audiobooks from our school library collection. The majority of the audiobooks are fiction whereas most of the eBooks are non-fiction.

    Access: Visit our library catalog using the link below, then scroll down to either eBooks or audiobooks and choose one that's "In." Log in to read and check out the book using your school computer login. Email Mrs. Sindelar from your school GMail if you encounter any issues.

    Junior Library Guild - Derby Library eBookclub books are here

    Grades: 5-8

    What's here: A mix of current fiction and non-fiction audiobooks and eBooks.

    Access: Temporarily free, although each book has an individual expiration date.

    Select the "Middle school stream" button at:

    Audible Stories

    Grades: K-12

    What's here: Audiobooks from Audible, including many classics as well as more modern favorites like Harry Potter, Cirque du Freak, Mousenet, and Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja.

    Access: Currently free!


    Grades: K-8

    What's here: Interactive eBooks, mostly high-interest nonfiction, but also fiction chapter books like Jake Maddox and Kylie Jean, plus graphic novels.

    Access: Temporarily free with username "continue" and password "reading"

    EBSCO K-8 eBook Collection

    Grades: K-12

    What's here: Mostly nonfiction eBooks.

    Access: This database is paid for by MeL, the Michigan eLibrary.  If you are not automatically logged in, you may log in yourself with either a driver's license or public library card. Authorization is IP based.

    Amazon Kindle eBooks:

    Grades: 5-8

    What's here: Almost anything you'd want to read. Requires the Kindle app.

    Access: Purchase required. Prices vary.

    Barnes and Noble NOOK books:

    Grades: 5-8

    What's here: Almost anything you'd want to read. Requires the NOOK app if you do not have a NOOK device.

    Access: Purchase required. Prices vary.