• Specialized Instruction and Student Services

    The BPS Specialized Instruction and Student Services department will provide support, to the extent possible in an online environment, to continue learning for BPS students with 504 and IndividualEducation Plans (IEPs). Students with 504 Plans will be supported by their  general education teachers and case managers, as appropriate. Students with IEPs will be supported by special education staff to
    promote success in general education classes. Social workers, as well as Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapists, will contact individual parents to discuss plans for those students who typically receive these services.

    Samples of expectations for teachers offering specialized instruction are provided as reference for what families may see. Actual schedules will be determined according to the needs of each child.


    Cognitively Impaired Support

    Individual Google Classrooms will be established per level.

    • Elementary teachers will post two lessons per week, focusing on reading and math
    • Middle school teachers will post one to two lessons per week, primarily reading
      and math, with alternating social studies and science weekly. Platforms will include
      ULS and RAZ Kids.
    • High school teachers will develop accommodations for both MICI and MOCI
    • Post-secondary teachers will post one lesson per week.


    ECSE Support

    ECSE and Inclusive Services will provide learning activities for families on a weekly basis:

    • Curriculum based activities in all domains will be adapted and modified as needed
      to provide access.
    • Activities will be multimodal and will not rely solely on screen time.
    • Resources will be posted for both families and students.


    ASD Support

    • Elementary teachers will post a daily, Digital Choice Board for students to access. These
      choices will include a calendar lesson, a ULS or Essential Element lesson in ELA or Math,
      a follow-up activity connected to the ULS or Essential Element lesson, a video message
      from the teacher or staff member, a Boom Card or L3 lesson from ULS, and a Question of
      the Day.
    • Secondary teachers will create a Google Classroom for each level, including middle,
      high, and post-high schools. Two lessons per week will be created and posted on the
      Choice Boards, and one lesson will be posted by non-core, elective teachers.


     Virtual learning will occur via Google Classroom. If accessing Google Classroom via mobile phone, you can download the app or access it using the following link: https://classroom.google.com.



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