• Technology for Virtual Learning

    Optional K-12 Virtual Resources Summer 2020

     Accessing Google Classrooms

    Virtual learning will continue to occur via Google Classroom.

    Teachers will either provide students with a special “class code” to join their new Google Classroom, or students may have already been added to their classrooms by teachers.

    If a class code is needed, your student’s teacher will provide the code. Click here to learn how to join a class using a teacher-provided class code.

    If accessing Google Classroom via mobile phone, you can download the app or access it using the following link: https://classroom.google.com.

    Click here for step-by-step directions for signing-in to Google Classroom.

    Students must log in with their bps-schools.com account. Families can only view activities while their student is logged into the classroom. 

    Technology Support for Families

    The Birmingham Public Schools Technology Services Department remains committed to servicing the needs of students during the current physical building closure. This support will be handled remotely with a focus on user accounts, password resets, and software support where applicable. Remote hardware support presents an increased level of difficulty. The majority of our students working remotely are using personal devices with which we are unfamiliar. We will not be able to provide support for personal device hardware issues. 

    The BPS Technology Services department will be working remotely to assist with student username and password problems. For those questions, please contact the Birmingham Public Schools Help Desk at HelpDesk@birmingham.k12.mi.us or 248-203-3123.

    If there are technology issues with an individual assignment or post, or with Google Classroom access, please contact the student’s classroom teacher.


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