Degrees and Certifications:

Master of Arts in Teaching, Reading Building Reading Specialist Bachelor of Science in English Language, Literature, and Writing, Secondary Education Bachelor of Science in Special Education, Cognitive Impairment

Ms. Passage

I started teaching in Birmingham Public Schools in the fall of 2006 as a student teacher from Eastern Michigan University. As a double-major for English and Specialized Instruction, I completed half the year with the Groves English Department and the other half of the year with the Groves Specialized Instruction Department. Immediately following my graduation from EMU, I was offered a long-term guest teacher position at Groves (to finish the school year) and a full-time position at the Birmingham Annex the following school year. I have always felt extremely lucky that I not only got to student teach in Birmingham, but that they saw something in me that led to me being embraced as a staff member.

My time at the Birmingham Annex (2007 - 2009), gives me a unique and specific understanding of post-secondary outcomes for students with IEPs and government agencies that exist to support students after they leave the school system. This knowledge helps me create unique and appropriate post-high school plans with students and their families. The friendships that I've maintained with previous students and their families have also helped me continue to develop my understanding of what will be best for students in the long run.

I love Groves High School. During my time at Groves I have taught recovery reading classes for freshmen, specialized English classes for students with IEPs, developed and taught a specialized Composition course for students with IEPs, participated in and coordinated the school's Support Team (identifying students who need more assistance), served as an Interim Department Head for Specialized Instruction, been elected to the Faculty Advisory Board and served as a president multiple times, and co-founded the Groves Victory Day program with Varsity Football Coach Brendan Flaherty. I am a regular and enthusiastic participant in Groves' Multicultural Retreat and have spoken at many student assemblies, including Martin Luther King Jr. presentations and Groves TED Talks. During the 2017 - 2018 teaching year at Groves, I was named the Birmingham High School Teacher of the Year by the Birmingham Education Association and was identified as a Diversity Champion by Groves Administration; it was a big year!

Outside of school, I live in the Ann Arbor area with my husband. We have a dog (Arlo), a cat (Scrambles), and a horse (Wyatt). I love horseback riding and like to participate in shows during the summer. My husband and I love to travel together and we're always on the look out for adventures in nature. I also enjoy drawing, painting, and knitting.