• La sociedad honoraria hispánica de Seaholm

    Description:    This club is recognized by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese as an honor society for high school sophomores (and above) enrolled in Spanish 3 or higher. This club honors high achievement in Spanish studies as well as promotes cultural awareness of the Spanish language and culture within Seaholm and our surrounding communities. Members participate in language and culture activities and complete community service hours related to Spanish learning. We meet monthly to discuss ongoing projects and new ideas. Complete bylaws and applications are available on the Seaholm World Language Department website. 

    Sponsor: Errin Menna

    Sponsor’s Email:

     Student Leaders:

                President:  Elena Pfeiffer

                Vice President:  Amelia Kaftan

                Secretary: Marlena Brown

                Treasurer:  Elise Liddell

    Club website:  We have a private Google classroom page for members only but general information can be found on the WL Department Website ( and we have a public Twitter Feed (@seaholmshh)

    SNHS eNews


    Once again, thank you all for your continued support of la Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (Spanish Honor Society) and our mission to provide for the students at Neinas Dual Language Academy in Southwest Detroit. The money raised from our taco truck night (over $850) allowed us to:
    • Provide $250 worth of hygiene products for students Pre-K-8
    • Purchase $300 worth of small raffle prizes for holiday classroom parties
    • Make baskets for 3 children in need (providing them with food, clothing, books, toys, games, hygiene items, and infinity scarves knitted by our own members)
    • Create fleece blankets for an entire class of students (also made by our members)
    With gratitude,
    Errin T. Menna
    Spanish Teacher
    Seaholm High School


    The Seaholm Spanish National Honor Society is putting on a fundraiser for Neinas Academy in Detroit with a food truck on October 28th.

    Taco Truck


    Thank you to everyone who donated to the Seaholm Spanish National Honor Society's school supplies drive to support the students of Neinas Dual Language Academy in Detroit. After our supply drive, members of our society met at a golf course to pack hundreds of bags that will go out to preK-8th graders on their first week of school. Great work to all who helped- Elena Pfeiffer, Amelia Kaftan, Elise Liddell, Marlena Brown, and Savannah Weinrick!