• Description: Do you like to share your perspectives and opinions? Enjoy arguing? Interested in a future career in law or politics? Then the Seaholm Debate team is the activity for you!

    Seaholm Debate Team will meet digitally to prepare for a variety of online Public Forum tournaments this year. Practices will run on Zoom (link will be posted on team website) from 4:00- 4:30 every Tuesday, with additional coaching "Office Hours" from 4:30- 5:00. Once students are familiar with the topic and have written their speeches, practices debates/long practices will run on prior to tournaments. These practices will be scheduled at times that are most convenient for students.

    The current digital platform allows students an opportunity to debate in a more diverse array of tournaments without having to pay travel and accommodation fees! Tournaments may include the Michigan Interscholastic Forensic Association, Detroit Catholic Forensic League, and the National Speech and Debate Association. A more concise list of tournament dates will be uploaded to the team website soon!

    There will not be a fee to participate in this activity with two exceptions: if students plan to debate in a National Speech and Debate tournament there may be a tournament fee OR a small fee may be incurred if a competitor is a late or unexpected "drop" to a tournament.


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    After success at invitationals at Groves and Dexter High School the previous weekends, we embarked on the State Tournament. 

    Though our team is larger than this, we had the following students compete: Dylan Babitch (9th), Viraj Nautiyal (9th), Erika Yee (9th), Luke Guevara (9th), Gavin Minni (10th), Jacob Robinson (12th), Kaden Habib (12th), Kush Nautiyal (12th), Adam Meskouri (12th) and Charly Ying (12th). 

    After five rounds of preliminary competition, our Varsity team of Adam Meskouri and Charly Ying advanced to Semi-finals (top 4 teams). They suffered a disappointing loss and did not advance to the finals. 

     However, our Novice Team of Erika Yee and Luke Guevara qualified for Semi-finals (top 4 teams), eventually made it to the finals, and ultimately won the Public Forum Novice State Championship.  

    Additionally, they also earned speaker awards with Erika placing 6th in Novice. Adam placed 6th in varsity and Charly placed 5th in Varsity.  

    It was a big weekend with significant wins for BCS (2nd place in Middle Level) and Groves winning Varsity Policy States. 

    We also had our hybrid team (Seaholm and Groves Students) Alaina Williams (9th) and Luca DeSanto (9th) competed at a tournament in Pennsylvania this weekend! 


    I know that life is... complicated... right now. But I wanted to send a little sunshine and talk about some big accomplishments for our debate teams this weekend! Our debate team has been diligently competing online over the last three weekends. 

    This weekend, we had some BIG wins at the Groves Invitational. If you have these students in class, please give them a shout for their hard-work and dedication to the activity. 

    Seniors Adam Meskouri and Charly Ying won the entire Varsity Tournament. Charly Ying won best speaker for the entire tournament and Adam Meskouri came in second place. Their team won unanimously in all 7 rounds, with 13 judges voting in their favor!

    Other notable Varsity speaker awards went to: Adam Fischer (5th place), Hayden Watkinson (15th place), Kush Nautiyal (18th place) and Gavin Minni (19th place). 

    There were over 50 competitors and 25 teams in the Varsity bracket. 

    For our Novice Teams teams Luca DeSanto and his partner from Groves, Alaina Williams, made it to the first elimination round, meaning they were one of the top eight teams at the tournament. Erika Yee and Luke Guevara made it to semi-finals, meaning they were one of the top four teams at the tournament. 

    Other notable Novice speaker awards went to: Erika Yee (5th), Alaina Williams (8th), Luke Guevara (15th). 

    There were over 60 competitors and 30 teams in the Novice bracket. 

    Last weekend, we had one Novice Team (Erika Yee and Alaina Williams) compete at the U of M Debate tournament (which is a National Competition). Erika and Alaina did not advance past preliminary rounds. 

    Our Varsity Team (Adam Meskouri and Charly Ying) advanced to semi-finals, making them one of the top 4 teams at this event. 

    The weekend prior, we competed at the local, Holt Invitational. 

    Adam Meskouri and Charly Ying advanced to semi-finals, making them one of the top four teams. 

     Novice Speaker Awards:  Viraj Nautiyal (4th), Erika Yee (8th) 

    Varsity Speaker Awards: Kush Nautiyal (4th), Adam Meskouri (9th)


    We had four teams compete at the Wayne State Pappas Tournament. 


    Erika Yee (9) and Luca DeSanto (9)

    Dylan Babitch (9) and Viraj Nautiyal (9) 


    Gavin Minni(10) and Aidan Shoresh (10) 

    Kush Nautiyal (12) and Jacob Robinson (12) 

    Students can win through advancement in the tournament rounds and through speaker points. While, we didn't have any student advance to Semi-finals (Top 4), Luca DeSanto won 9th best speaker in the Novice tournament and Erika Yee won 4th best speaker in the Novice Tournament. Kush Nautiyal also won 6th best speaker in the Varsity Tournament. 

    We had one team compete at the National Speech and Debate, Georgetown Fall Tournament. 

    Adam Meskouri (12) and Charly Ying (12) competed over three days, against more than 70 Public Forum Teams at this National tournament. They advanced to the Octofinals, which means they were one of the top 16 teams at the event. This is a huge accomplishment. Seaholm has not competed at a National tournament in over 4 years!