Student Congress

  • Description: Student Congress at Seaholm is a very active group. Each class at Seaholm plans at least three events per year, a fundraiser, a dance, and a service activity. In addition to assisting with these class events, Congress, as a whole, sponsors Homecoming, Powder Puff Football, Charity Drive Month, the annual Career Day for Juniors, as well as many other events throughout the year. Student Congress also considers requests for financial assistance when requested by teachers, and contributes to memorials for teachers and students. Funding is given to worthy projects that require additional financing to be successful. Student Congress acts as the voice of the student body, including: PTSA meetings, Education Council meetings, OAA meetings, and also takes part in the selection of new administrators.

    Sponsor: Shannon Feliciano,


    Club meetings on Wednesday during lunch for all members!  Link to zoom is