Remote Learning Library Materials Distribution

  • The BCS Library Media Center is excited to begin circulating materials for the 2020-21 school year!  Until we are back in school face-to-face, we are implementing a holds-and-pickup system.  All patrons are invited to find materials using our Destiny Library Catalog.  If you find something you want, put it on hold!  Mrs. Truesdell, your school library media specialist, will pull the materials that are available and have them ready for you by your next grade level pickup day at BCS.  Please continue reading or watch this video for more details.

    To put materials on hold for pickup, please do the following:

    1A.  Go to the BCS Destiny Library CatalogLogin with your school username (something like hjp99) and your birthday password (your birthday with no leading zeros; for example, if your birthday is July 31, 2010, your password would be 7312010).

    1B.  Alternatively, you can access our catalog through ClassLink.  Login to ClassLink as you normally would, then click on the Destiny Follett icon.  This automatically logs students in to Destiny Discover.

    2.  Find materials that you want!  Search or browse.  Try out the Collections!  (For more details on how to use Destiny, watch this All About Destiny video.)

    3.  Books that say “in” are currently available.  Books that say “out” are not available at this time, but you may put them on hold to get on the waiting list.  

    4.  You may put up to 2 books on hold at a time. 

    5.  We will make every effort to obtain your holds for you, but please be aware of the book's status when placing holds.  Books marked as "OUT" may not be available for pickup at the next distribution, as they are currently with another student.

    6.  Parents will receive an email indicating which materials will be available for pick-up before your scheduled materials distribution day.

    7.  Visit BCS on the materials distribution days: Thursdays 3:30-5pm and Fridays 11:15am-12:15pm. 

    8.  When you pick up new materials, please bring back your library materials from previous visits, too!  There will be a collection bin for library returns near the distribution site.


    Questions, concerns, comments?  Please email Mrs. Truesdell at

  • When your materials are ready, you will get an email from the library. 

    If you are in school for in-person learning, we will deliver the materials to your classroom. 

    If you are learning virtually, you can pick up your materials during the next distribution time.  Distribution times are currently set for:

    Thursdays 3:30-5pm

    Fridays 11:15am-12:15pm


    Returns accepted & appreciated at all pickups!

    FYI: during this time we are following the recommended procedures for library material handling from the CDC and The Realm Project.