Asian Student Association (ASA)

  • Description: Asian Student Association (ASA) is a club intending to enlighten the Seaholm community on Asian traditions, simultaneously dismantling prejudices and misconceptions by sharing our experiences. This club is an avenue for cultural exchange, civil discussion, and meeting others with a shared passion for Asian culture. We welcome all who are interested in learning about the Asian and Asian-American experience. Our club aims to provide for the greater community by confronting longstanding misbeliefs and creating a space for sharing different ideas. No matter your culture or creed, our club welcomes all who are willing to listen and contribute to our discussions about heritage and values. To anyone who attends our meetings, we hope to provide you with a new outlook on the Asian experience and help cultivate a genuine interest in Asian culture. 

    A more detailed description of ASA can be found at ASA.

    Advisor: Ms. Billinger,