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    Mark Dziatczak

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      Superintendent update 

      Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019

      Dear Birmingham Public Schools Learning Community,

      As we communicated at the beginning of this year, the District set out to achieve four major objectives during the course of the year. Those priorities include the following.

      • The development of a thorough and responsible 10-Year Capital Improvement Plan
      • The restoration, replacement and extension of the District’s operating millage rates
      • The implementation of budget amendments to match expenditures with revenues
      • The development of a new strategic plan

      We began the Capital Improvement Plan work last spring and carried it forward to this school year. At the Tuesday, November 19 Board of Education meeting, we publicly presented the final draft of the plan that lists and categorizes infrastructure and capital needs into critical (1-3 years), deferred (4-6 years) and extended (7-10 years) priorities. This working document will anchor investment decisions into our schools for years to come.

      On Tuesday, November 5 BPS voters overwhelmingly supported the restoration and replacement of our non-homestead operating millage while also extending the homestead millage authorization through 2028. We are grateful for the support of our families by ensuring that our state expected revenue will make its way to Birmingham classrooms for the next decade. We want to thank our community for their continued commitment to our schools.

      Last year we began the process of strategically analyzing our annual budget in an effort to bring expenditures in line with expected revenues for the 2020-2021 academic year. At the end of the 2018-2019 academic year we announced and implemented more than $3.5 million in reductions this school year with minimal impact to our students. We have already begun the same process this fall in an effort to come as close as possible to a proposed, balanced budget. The District will begin implementation of the 2020-2021 reductions immediately after we finalize the first amendment to the 2019-2020 budget in February 2020.

      Finally, I would like to update you on the publication of our District’s next strategic plan. At the Sept. 24, 2019 Board of Education meeting, I presented our intentions to deliver a student-centered, student-led and student-delivered strategic plan for Birmingham Public Schools. Know that I am incredibly enthusiastic about this process and elevating the voices of our students in such an important way. This innovative style of strategic planning, when properly facilitated, will ensure that the direction of our District will produce means and ends that are narrowly focused on student learning and development. Since that meeting we have been planning this process while also determining the method of including the voices of all BPS stakeholders as data to be included in the planning process. This week, you may have already seen the Mission and Vision survey shared with stakeholders. This survey was shared as the first opportunity for the community to share their voice in this planning process. You can learn more about the full plan at www.birmingham.k12.mi.us/strategicplan2020.

      Mark Dziatczak,

  • Fran Mershman
    Executive Assistant to the Superintendent