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  • Nothing is working on my computer/laptop. What should I do?

    Posted by Laura Garbutt on 11/13/2020

    Computer Help

    Restart your computer everyday before class starts. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to get to class on time!  By restarting your computer daily you will keep you computer healthy and clear any  issues you had from the day before.. Restart daily!

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  • My Zoom is authenticated but now I can't log on with my Google Account!

    Posted by Laura Garbutt on 10/22/2020

    Zoom Meet

    • This has been a popular issue this week!

      I have consistently seen students try to log on to the first screen they see when they go to

      You have to scroll down to the section that says "Sign in with Google".

      Here are a few steps to ensure success!

      • First -Logout out of your Google and Zoom (WEB)accounts including the desktop app if you are using it. Restarting your computer is always a bonus!
    • Next open Chrome and logon to Google using your bps-schools account
    • Open a new tab and go to
    • Click sign in - (top right corner)

    This step is very important- After you click sign in,  

    Do not sign in at the top of the page- 
    No Signin!

    - you have to SCROLL DOWN to "Sign in with Google"

    Sign in with Google

    •  Login using you bps-schools account
    • Once logged in you should see your profile in the top right Corner- Click it and you should see your bps-schools logon and LICENSED. If you see that you are good to go!
    • Open the Zoom desktop app if you are using it and login to that too!

    This should take care of your Zoom issues! If not please contact Mrs. G at:

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  • What is wrong with my zoom?

    Posted by Laura Garbutt on 10/22/2020


    In early October the district had to increase security for students using Zoom. Student Google accounts had to be authenticated and teachers had to "Flip the Switch" to allow only authenticated accounts into their Zoom classes. Most students were successful but a handful of student accounts did not authenticate.

    If you log on to Zoom with your Google account and it shows BASIC when you check your profile, you have not authenticated your account. Please email Mrs. Garbutt at: for more information how to fix this issue. 

    ***You can also check your district Gmail. If you have received a new link to authenticate your account, please do so.


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  • What is Schoology?

    Posted by Laura Garbutt on 9/3/2020


    Once logged on to Classlink, click on the Schoology icon .

    Enter the same ID and password used for Classlink (also your computer logon).  The next time you log into Schoology, it remembers your password so you will only have to do this part once! 

    Schoology is a great resource for students! It's like a one stop shop for all your school needs. Stay organized and up to date by using your Schoology account.

    ***Make sure to type your credentials in carefully so there are no mistakes.


    ***You should always use classlink to access Schoology. in the rare event that Classlink is not working you can access Schoology directly with the link below, but it is best practice to use ClassLink.

    Schoology Link if ClassLink is unsuccessful


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  • What is the easiest way to get to all my school needs?

    Posted by Laura Garbutt on 9/3/2020


    ClassLink is the district Single Sign-On (SSO) that will be used by students and staff to access digital curriculum/resource sites. This eliminates the need for a user to remember multiple usernames and passwords. 

    It is important that you use ClassLinks  for all you school digital content.

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