• Who are the tutors?

    Groves Logo PictureWe welcome parents, community members, teachers, and NHS students each week to help out as our Saturday School tutors. Our tutors are primarily made up of Seaholm and Groves NHS students. It is truly powerful to watch a student take a leadership role and become a teacher. Kids helping kids is what we pride ourselves on each week. Whether you are a tutor or a child who needs help, you have a place where you belong at Saturday School.  We are all learners!


    Interested in becoming a tutor? (We NEED more tutors!)

    PictureIf you are interested in becoming a tutor at Saturday School, then no prior communication or commitment is needed. All you have to do is show up at Berkshire’s media center on Saturdays at 9:00, and we will be sure to get you set up with a student who needs tutoring.

    Students need help with all subjects! You  don’t have to be an expert on a specific subject to become a tutor. We actually encourage our tutors to learn alongside the child they are tutoring. This is when learning is at its best!


    How does being a volunteer tutor benefit me?

    Many high school and specifically NHS students need volunteer hours, and Saturday School is a great opportunity to earn these hours. Bring your paperwork with you and have either Mr. Brooks, Mr. Smith, Mr. Fairchild or Mr. Lince sign your sheet before you leave. We are also always willing to help our tutors out with letters of recommendation and future employment opportunities that require references. Along with these personal benefits also comes the pride and satisfaction that you feel when you truly help another student feel great about his or herself. We count on our tutors to continue to make Saturday School a great resource for our BPS students, and we honestly could not do it without you. Thank you for all that you do!