• One School, One Book - Stella Diaz Has Something to Say by Angela Dominguez

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    Look below for calendar and chapter recordings for students to listen to:


      Stella Díaz Has Something to Say (Stella Diaz, 1): Dominguez, Angela,  Dominguez, Angela: 9781626728585: Amazon.com: Books


    Week of 3/1 (chapters 1-5)

    Ch. 1  read by Mrs. Coleman - Harlan Librarian

    Ch. 2 read by Mrs. Keller - Harlan Reading Specialist

    Ch. 3 read by Mrs. Cibor - District Coordinator for Student Learning and Inclusion

    Ch. 4 read by Mrs. Billops - Curriculum Coordinator 

    Ch. 5 read by Mrs. Stone - Harlan Reading Specialist

    Week of 3/6 (chapters 7-11)

    Ch. 6 read by Mr. Pugh - Curriculum Coordinator

    Ch. 7 read by Dr. Roberson - Superintendant

    Ch. 8 read by Mrs. Gistinger -

    Ch. 9 read by Mrs. Imperio - Assistant Superintendent Student and Inclusion

    Ch. 10 read by Mrs. Hubbel - Harlan Intermim Principal

    Ch. 11 read by Dr. Davis - Curriculum Coordinator

    Week of 3/13 (chapters 12-16)

    Ch. 12 read by Mrs. Tines - Harlan LRC Teacher

    Ch. 13 read by Miss Arsenault - Harlan Counselor

    Ch. 14 read by Miss Zydeck - Harlan 2nd Grade Teacher

    Ch. 15 read by Mr. Kefgen - Harlan 1st Grade Teacher

    Ch. 16 read by Mrs. Stewart - Harlan ASD Teacher

    Week of 3/20 (chapters 17-21)

    Ch. 17 read by Mrs. Keller - Harlan Reading Specialist

    Ch. 18 read by Mrs. Bahri - Harlan Instructional Specialist

    Ch. 19 read by Mrs. Leslie - Harlan 4th Grade Teacher

    Ch. 20 read by Mrs. Cooper - Harlan Music Teacher

    Ch. 21 read by Mrs. Swanson - Harlan CSO

    Author's Notes read by Mrs. Mahler - Executive Director Special Services


    Tournament of Books begins week of 3/6/23 - 5/15/23

    Look below for a calendar of matchups: (students listen to stories at school and vote on Fridays)