• Every Birmingham Public School building is equipped with a school library media center.  Visit our individual school library sites for more information on each library:

    The BPS Library Media Curriculum consists of four major strands, which are taught both in Unified Arts classes (in grades K-2) and through collaborative lessons and projects with classroom teachers (in grades 3+).

    Lifelong Learning
    The skills taught in the library under this unit help learners identify dispositions and attitudes toward their learning. As they recognize their interests and passions, they will explore how their personal learning benefits the community.  Learners will examine their personal reading preferences as well as develop and reflect on their reading habits.  

    Information Literacy
    Through lessons and units involving research skills, students learn to identify, access, evaluate, and use information from print and digital resources.  Learners use information responsibility and ethically while exploring a variety of tools and techniques for constructing new knowledge.  

    Digital Citizenship
    This unit helps learners navigate digital resources safely and responsibly.  Learners consider the implications of their digital footprint and how to create a positive online presence.  

    In various units and lessons, learners integrate technology tools into their learning with meaning and purpose.  Learners use technology to collaborate, create, and share new learning.  

    Every Media Center in BPS is staffed with a certified Library Media Specialist.  BPS Librarians:


    • Enrich curriculum with resources
    • Plan inquiry-based, tech-rich, & research lessons
    • Make connections with other classes for integrated projects
    • Find & connect with experts on a topic

    Promote Literacy

    • Recommend books for individuals
    • Promote reading with book activities
    • Coordinate author & illustrator visits
    • Develop reading initiatives
    • Curate recommend book lists around a particular them/unit/topic

    Teach the Research Process

    • Develop meaningful research projects
    • Teach the research process to students, including: question, gathering evidence, note-taking, developing a claim, and citations
    • Recommend the best resources and assist with access, use and feature
    • Instruct evaluating resources for accuracy, authenticity, credibility, currency, objectivity, and safety
    • Curate research pathways for classes
    • Assess research projects

    Empower Students & Staff using Technology

    • Co-teach tech-rich lessons with teachers
    • Teach Digital Citizenship skills (BPS librarians are certified Common Sense Educators)
    • Demonstrate digital presentation tools
    • Train staff on new tech tools
    • Advise on best tools to use

    Districtwide Library Programming

    • MiSelf in Books
    • Battle of the Books
    • Birbery
    • Summer Reading