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    To review Groves' NCAA Approved Courses, please click here:  You will need to include our NCAA High School Code: 230333, click Search, scroll to the bottom to see approved courses by curricular area.

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    How to calculate and NCAA Core GPA? Add up all of the NCAA approved classes (by grading scale below) and divide by how many.

    Grading Scale:

    A = 4                                                                                                  

    B = 3                                                                                                  

    C = 2                                                                                                  

    D = 1       

    AP & Honors Grading Scale:

    A = 5

    B = 4

    C = 3

    D = 1                                                                                

    Parchment code to send transcript to the NCAA: 9999

    What is the NCAA core GPA minimum for eligibility?

    D 1 = 2.3

    D 2 = 2.5

    D 3 = In Division 3, athletes must meet the admissions standards set by the school as opposed to divisional standards as in Divisions 1 and 2

    Does the NCAA requre standardized test scores (SAT, ACT)? No, the NCAA is not requiring standardized test scores to be sent this year (2022) or next year (2023). The college you are applying to may require the test score, however. Please check with the colleges that you are applying to.

    What is special about the first 10 NCAA approved courses on a transcript? Once a student is a senior, their first 10 NCAA approved classes must count towards eligibility. They cannot re-take the first 10 for eligibility purposes once they are a senior. Once a senior, those first 10 NCAA approved courses are “locked in” on their transcript. They can re-take a class from the first 10 for college admittance purposes, but that is separate from NCAA eligibility. A senior can re-take a class if it’s after the first 10.

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