• BPS Art Education   - Art is Everywhere!

    Birmingham Public Schools includes art education for grades Preschool-12.  The concepts taught are sequential, building on prior knowledge each year.  Students see demonstrations, learn about artists and cultures, and execute newly absorbed information which helps them create a unique piece of art.

student painting
  • Art Education...

    • promotes and develops creative thinking and the ability to visualize
    • strengthens self-concept, -confidence, and -understanding
    • encourages creative problem-solving and decision-making
    • develops appreciation for the individuality of others
    • develops work habits and a sense of responsibility
  • Elementary and middle school students learn:

    • how to compare and contrast
    • how to organize themselves and their material
    • how to be open and creative
    • how to make decisions about their work and other issues
    • patterns in art and every day life
    • about artists in history
    • how to respect each others ideas in brainstorming sessions
    • step-by-step instructions and activities
    • how to evaluate their art and the art of others
    • about careers in art

    At the High School level:

    Students can experience art courses including:  Art Foundations, Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design, Jewelry,  Sculpture, Ceramics, Photography, Graphic Imaging, Printmaking, Computer Design, and AP Studio Art. Please see the Groves or Seaholm course catalog for more information.

    Art Exhibits

    • Elementary students have art exhibits at their schools once a year to showcase what they have learned.
    • Middle Schools show off their work in the hallways of their schools throughout the year.
    • High school students have many opportunities to show their work: the national Scholastic Art competition is held each winter with winners announced in January and a regional exhibit in February. Further national judging happens in March with winners announced and a display of their work in Washington D.C.