Girls Tennis


    UPDATE:  6th graders will be allowed to be full members of any team or individual sport.  Sixth grade students may be on the roster, but no 7th or 8th grade student will be cut to make room for a 6th grade student.

    Please see Athletics Registration for registration and participation details.


    Practice:  Students practice in the morning, 7-8 AM, at Seaholm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Choice Hour days Monday and Wednesday will be match play at an opponent's courts or ground training at BCS

    Game Schedule: BCS Girls Tennis

    Map/Directions: Competing Schools

    Transportation: There will be No Buses for athletes for fall athletics.  BCS families will need to provide transportation for their student athlete(s) to all competitions not on BCS property.

    Coach: Mr. Braisted

    Athletic Director: Mr. Hill (for general information)