• MHSAA regulations require that any student participating in a sport must have on file for the current school year:

    • Physical examination dated no earlier than April 15 of the previous year for the current school year
    • Emergency contact form
    • Parental registration

    Athletics in middle schools will consist of intramural and interscholastic activities. Intramural activities will be designed to provide fun and recreation through casual participation in athletic competitions for students in the same building before or after school hours. The interscholastic program will be available for students who desire more athletic activity. Physical fitness, health, and safety are primary concerns within all phases of the athletic program. Student-athletes will be responsible for adhering to the athletic eligibility policy.

    The majority of students will never need to participate in the Eligibility program. However, it is there to support the students that need extra assistance. A student at Derby will be required to participate in the Eligibility program,

    1. If the student has an "E" or "I" on their 5-week progress report or report card.
    2. Or, if a teacher(s) expresses concern directly to the coach/sponsor about the student's effort towards their academic potential or behavior in class.
    3. At the request of the Athletic Director

    All student-athletes must adhere to the policies set forth by the MHSAA.