Lunch Time Procedures

  • Our school cafeteria serves hot lunches each day. Students may also bring a lunch from home if they choose. We expect all students to eat their lunches at school. Appropriate table manners are to be maintained by students using the cafeteria. Each individual is responsible for clearing his/her own area when finished.

    The following procedures were drawn up by representatives from the staff and the Student Council:

    1. Lunchroom
      1. When you get to the lunchroom, enter through the middle set of doors and form two lines, one left (deli) and one right (grill).
      2. There is a snack bar in both lines.
      3. Stay seated while you eat.
      4. When you finish eating, make sure your table is clean and deposit the trash in the lunchroom barrels or recycling bins.
      5. Students must have a pass to go elsewhere in the building during recreation, such as the Media Center. If you are going to see a teacher, you must have a pass.
      6. Students are expected to have their student ID card to purchase lunch.
    2. Lobby and Courtyard
      1. These are places to sit and have quiet conversations.
      2. For your own safety, there will be no running or roughhousing in these areas.
      3. To go to the office, you must have the permission of an adult in charge.
      4. Please help protect our courtyard plants by staying on the sidewalks.
    3. Media Center
      1. When the Media Center is open, students must have a pass to go during recreation time.
      2. The numbers are limited, and it is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
      3. Students must be respectful and quiet while using the Media Center and its materials.
    4. Playing Field or Gym
      1. No food or trash is to be taken to the playing field or gym.
      2. When you go to the field or gym, check out the playing equipment from the supervisor with your ID card.
      3. When the whistle blows to go to class, check-in the equipment promptly.
    5. Please remember that you should not go into the upstairs or downstairs classroom areas during the lunch period. We wish to keep these areas as quiet as possible for the classes in session.