• BPS World Language

    The World Language Department of Birmingham Public Schools believes language and communication are at the heart of all human experience.  Therefore, learning another language is an essential part of a student's academic preparation.  It is the departments' mission to enable graduates to participate more fully in the global economy and job market, armed with proficiency in a second language.

    Cartoon kids standing around a globe

    In order to deliver the best sequence of study, the curriculum is grounded in the five components of the National Foreign Language Standards, which:

    • Promote communication and interaction
    • Provide students with the knowledge and understanding of their own and other cultures
    • Promote the use of language study to interact within and across disciplines
    • Provide students with the knowledge and understand of their own and other languages
    • Increases students' opportunities to function as global citizens and experience language beyond the school setting


    Elementary School:  

    All BPS students in grades 3-5 receive Spanish instruction, with an introduction to the language beginning in grade 2.  Students are actively involved using the language with an emphasis on speaking and listening skills, cultural exploration, engaging internet activities, music, and games. Students may begin another language in middle and high school, or continue with Spanish.  


    Middle School:  

    Students have the option of continuing with Spanish, or they may choose French or Chinese.


    High School:  

    Please see the Groves or Seaholm course catalog for World Language options which meet the BPS graduation requirements.