• Junior Kindergarten

    Get enrolled for Junior Kindergarten, a free full-day program for students within the BPS attendance zone. The program is an ideal option for families with kindergarten-eligible students, born between June 1-Dec. 1, who are seeking to benefit from extra time to grow academically, socially and emotionally as a result of an additional year in a structured environment. There is a tuition requirement for interested families residing outside the district.

    Families should have options when considering an ideal setting for their child's initial K-12 school experience. Junior Kindergarten and traditional Kindergarten each offer exciting and nurturing educational experiences as our dedicated teachers facilitate programs to spark imagination and extend their classrooms into the world beyond.

    Beverly Elementary, Pierce Elementary, Quarton Elementary and West Maple Elementary are designated as the primary locations for the program, while Greenfield Elementary, Pembroke Elementary, Harlan Elementary and Bingham Farms Elementary will each serve as feeder schools - pending final enrollment applications.

    Greefield feeds into Beverly 
    Pembroke, Harlan feeds into Quarton
    Bingham Farms feeds into West Maple
    Pierce | no feeder school

    Enrollment is a seamless process:

    1. Must submit a completed application between midnight of Wednesday, Jan. 18, and 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 17.
      • Applicants must complete the personal information section and upload proof of the student's date of birth.
    2. Following our random-selection process, each parent/guardian will be notified of their application status no later than March 6.
    3. Finalize your online application with all the required documentation.

    Please note that all enrollees must follow the enrollment procedures, including uploading all required documents, regardless of previous status or sibling in the district. Start the application process now!

    If you have additional questions, please be sure to review our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document.