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  • Important Information:

    The USDA has extended free meal eligibility to all students for the duration of the 2020 - 2021 school year. This means all students can receive a free complete breakfast and lunch.

    • In person/hybrid learning
      • Elementary student's take home meals will be available daily at the end of instructional time to go home with your child.
      • Middle School, BCS, and High School can receive free breakfast and lunch at school the 2 days they attend - the remaining 3 days of virtual learning can be picked up - see below
    • BPS Virtual Academy/learning virtually
      • Students virtually learning can pick up 5 days worth of meals
      • Middle School, BCS, and High School studends that are part of the hybrid learning, can pick up 3 days worth of meals

    Meal pick up is at Groves High School, Wednesdays from 11AM - 1PM. Pickup is at the west side of the building (the pool entrance) 

    As we navigate through the different phases of the current pandemic, menus will be posted here but will be subject to frequent changes. Please check back frequently for updates.

  • BPS Hybrid Learning/In person Learning


    Hybrid Elementary Menu - click here

    Students will pick up their free take home meals before leaving school at the end of their day. Students could receive a full breakfast and lunch. Please follow food safety instructions. Your meal box contains perishable products and should be immediately stored in refrigerator or freezer upon arriving at home.
    If you do not want your student to receive free breakfast and lunch when leaving school for dietary reasons please contact us.


    Hybrid BCS Menu - click here

    Derby & Berkshire Menu - click here

    With the return to full days, we will begin by serving cold meals that will be enclosed in a hinged, covered container. All cutlery will be wrapped in plastic and condiments will be in packets to reduce the spread of germs. Our staff will have masks on at all times and will be behind plexiglass. We plan to implement a la carte snacks but at this time, we will not be serving these. Please note, that the district has chosen to remove microwaves for food reheating at this time.

Chartwells Thank You during COVID Pandemic for Meals and Pixie Dust

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