• BPS Social Studies

    Social Studies is the integrated study of the social sciences (geography, history, civics, and economics) to prepare students to become responsible citizens. Current events are incorporated naturally as a way to connect present issues to the past. 


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    Elementary Social Studies:  

    • Grades K-2:  Use existing Oakland Schools / MC3 Units of Study, revised for BPS; trade books, big books, and mentor texts.
    • 3rd Grade: Meet Michigan, supplemental trade books.
    • 4th Grade: TCI Social Studies Alive! Regions of Our Country - presents five regions of the United States through the lens of economics, geography, political science, and history
    • 5th Grade: TCI Social Studies Alive! America's Past - covers American history from the first migrations into the Americas through the 20th century


    Middle School Social Studies:  

    Our middle school Social Studies program uses the History Alive! and Geography Alive! resources from TCI.

    • 6th Grade: TCI History Alive! The Ancient World - topics include: The Ancient World, World Religions, The Middle East, Africa, Asia, Mayans, and Aztecs
    • 7th Grade: TCI Geography Alive! Regions and People - topics include: The Core Democratic Values, Basic Economic Reasoning and Principals, South America, Europe, Russia, Canada, the United States, Oceania, Australia, and Career Planning
    • 8th Grade: McGraw Hill's Discovering Our Past: A History of the United States.


    High School Social Studies:  

    Please see the Groves or Seaholm course catalog for class options which meet the BPS graduation requirements.

    The social studies program consists of the integrated study of the social sciences to prepare our students for responsible citizenship in an increasingly global society. The social studies are essential to individual growth in a democratic society. Initially, disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge is used to understand powerful ideas drawn from history, law, geography, government, economics, psychology and sociology. When the students construct meaning by understanding important ideas, their perspectives as responsible citizens grow.