• BPS Music Education

from Seaholm Musical, The Witch, 2016
  • “Big Fish,” Seaholm Musical  2016, “The Witch” 

    School music programs are essential to the life-long learning process of students.  Research has shown that the study of music develops higher-order thinking skills and can increase mathematical, linguistic, kinesthetic, and musical intelligence and enhances spatial and abstract reasoning abilities. 


    Elementary Music:  

    Our elementary music program includes four key areas of study appropriate for each grade level:

    • Singing alone or with others
    • Playing classroom instruments alone or with others
    • Reading and notating music
    • Listening, analyzing, and evaluating music

    Fifth graders also have the option of Instrumental Music, including a focus on instrumental technique, musical concepts, music reading, and the application of skills.


    Middle School Music:  

    Students may choose music as an elective in their middle school schedule. Courses may include music stations, band, orchestra, and choir.


    High School Music:  

    Please see the Groves or Seaholm course catalog for high school music options.