• OSTC:  Oakland Schools Technical Campus 

    For High School Juniors and Seniors, and adults

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    Oakland Schools Technical Campus Southeast:

    OSTCS is an extension of your high school. By attending your high school half of the day and the Southeast Campus the other half of the day, you are experiencing a full academic day. Our educational and training opportunities are structured with offerings we call clusters. We offer nine clusters which are developed around broad occupational areas containing many different, but related, career training options for students. A team of specialized instructors, that possess both a Michigan Teaching Certificate and Vocational Authorization, staffs these clusters. This ensures that the staff has both the necessary technical expertise and the knowledge of best instructional methodology practices. These instructional teams are either supported by, or include academic staff. Additionally, the clusters are designed to facilitate learning, not just deliver a sequence of instruction. This allows for the student to better manage their instructional plan, work cooperatively with other students, and progress at their own pace. Clusters allow us to provide the highest level of curriculum, meet the needs of a diverse population of students, and maintain the highest level of quality possible. Clusters are designed to provide students with instruction for up to two years.

    Student Transportation:  

    Students may choose the bus services provided by their sending school district or provide their own transportation. Students who elect to drive or ride (with another student) assume all responsibilities connected with transportation.


    Oakland Schools Technical Campus Southeast will recommend high school credit for students based on the local district requirement (1.0 credits per term) upon successful completion of the cluster requirements. Part of this credit may be utilized to fill academic requirements, depending on the cluster selected and home school approval. Articulated and direct credits for college courses may be available based on agreements with many post secondary institutions. Credit awards for students will be based on student achievement and the agreement with the particular college or university.

    School-to-Career Opportunities:  

    Employer training opportunities (paid and unpaid) are available through the technical campuses to students who meet qualification requirements, including: interest, technical knowledge and skills, attendance, and behavior.

    Paid Opportunities

      • Field experience
      • Internship
      • School-to-registered apprenticeship

    Unpaid Opportunities

      • Job shadowing
      • On-the-job training (OJT)
      • Mentorship
      • Career Focused Business Partnership (CFBP)

    Oakland Schools technical campus opportunities are designed to provide the student the experience of preparing for a career. However, no guarantee of employment is promised either during the course of study or at the time of completion.


    Please see the Groves or Seaholm course catalog for available OSTC classes.