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    Reading Support Program

    Our reading specialists provide reading instruction intended to supplement classroom instruction for general education students in second through eighth grades.  reading specialists are assigned to each public elementary and middle school except BCS.

    Students must qualify for reading instruction through individual assessment conducted by the reading specialist.  Written permission for the assessment must be provided by parents/guardians before the assessment may occur.  Students must be one year or more below grade level in reading to qualify.

    Instruction is conducted in small groups at the elementary level.  Middle schools offer placement in classes taught by reading specialists.  Individual instruction may not be provided at any level.

    Reading specialists are highly trained to work with readers experiencing difficulty.  The district provides Reading Recovery services  under the district language arts program.


    Nonpublic School Referrals

    Referrals of nonpublic school students for reading assessment services must be made through the nonpublic school principal.  Please contact the principal for more information.


    BCS Referrals

    BCS referrals for reading assessment services are made through the school counselor.


    Public School Referrals

    Public school referrals are made through the principal, classroom teacher, and reading specialist.