• Online Learning

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    Student access to any time and any place learning options has expanded under a new law in Michigan. Section 21f of Public Act 60 of 2013 allows students in grades 5 through 12 to take up to two courses online in place of up to two traditional classroom courses per academic term (with parental consent). Birmingham Public Schools supports online learning, and as a District we pride ourselves on innovative uses of technology to support learning.  

    Online learning holds great promise as an instructional approach to expand and customize learning opportunities for students. However, it is substantially different from face-to-face instruction and usually works best when thoughtful planning supports individual enrollment decisions. We encourage you to talk with your student to examine if online learning is a good fit for her or him.

    To help you prepare for making the decision about whether your student has the characteristics to be successful learning online, we recommend you review the Parent Guide to Online Learning. The Guide examines how online learning supports next generation learning models, poses practical planning questions, provides a preparation checklist, offers advice for parents and includes an online learner readiness rubric. This guide will help you prepare for a conversation with your son or daughter.

    Students may select online courses from the statewide catalog of online course titles.  Students must contact their counselor for the guidelines and contract forms to take on line courses. The District reserves the right to amend operational procedures at anytime to meet the individual needs of students and/or to comply with Michigan Law. 

    The deadlines to apply for online courses under Section 21f are as follows:

    • High School Trimester 1–June 1st
    • High School Trimester 2–September 1st
    • High School Trimester 3–December 1st