School Legislation

  • Changing school legislation can be hard to follow sometimes, even for those in education. BPS Board members and our superintendent often address some of the highlights during public Board of Education meetings. Oakland County provides additional information related to legislation on their website. Learn about the issues by exploring the links on the right sidebar and contact your legislators below with questions, compliments or concerns. 

    State Senators
    Mail for all state senators can be addressed: P.O. Box 30036; Lansing, MI 48909-7536

    11th District:
    Jeremy Moss
    Lansing phone: 517-373-7888
    Toll free phone: 888-937-4453

    12th District
    Rosemary Bayer
    Lansing phone: 517-373-2417

    State Representatives:
    Mail for all representatives can be addressed: P.O. Box 30014; Lansing, MI 48909-7514

    5th District:
    Natalie Price
    Phone: 517-373-0844

    19th District:
    Samantha Steckloff
    Phone: 517-373-3920

    20th District:
    Noah Arbit
    Phone: 517-373-3816

    54th District:
    Donni Steele
    Phone: 517-373-1771

    56th District:
    Sharon MacDonell
    Lansing phone: 517-373-2617