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    5200 - ATTENDANCE
    The purpose of the Attendance Policy of the District is to encourage regular and consistent attendance which helps to develop responsibility and self-discipline for all students.

    Students are expected to be in school and in class every day. Activities that occur in the classroom (daily teaching, interactions of students with teacher and with other students, discussions, lectures, audio-visuals, reports, etc.) cannot be duplicated and constitutes a valid and crucial part of course work. Furthermore, each student is expected to contribute to the daily activities of his/her class. When a student is absent, the educational experience of all students in the class may be diminished.

    The Board of Education as an agency of the State is required to enforce the consistent attendance of all students. Attendance shall be required of all District students, except those exempted by provisions of State law or District policy and guideline, during the days and hours that the school is in session.

    The Superintendent or designee may require, from the parent/guardian of each student or from an adult student who has been absent, the reason for the absence. The District reserves the right to verify such statements and to investigate the cause of each absence.
    The District shall report to Oakland Schools infractions of the law regarding the attendance of students below the age eighteen (18).
    The Board considers the following factors to be excused – exempt reason for time missed at school:

    A. illness with medical documentation
    B. recovery from accident with medical documentation
    C. required court attendance with court notice
    D. death in the family
    E. observation or celebration of a religious holiday
    F. other absences that may be deemed acceptable by the Superintendent or designee
    G. religious instruction according to M.C.L.A. 380.1561(3d)(3e) (See Policy 5223)

    Trips that cause extended absences are discouraged.

    The Board shall consider each student assigned to a program or activity authorized by the Superintendent or designee, to be in regular attendance. The student must report daily to the assigned staff member at the place of study, and regularly demonstrate progress toward the objectives of the course of study or activity. The Superintendent or designee shall develop operational procedures for the attendance of students which:

    A. ensure a school session which is in conformity with the requirements of the law;
    B. ensure that students absent for any reason have an opportunity to make up work they missed;
    C. govern the keeping of attendance records in accordance with the law;
    D. identify the habitual truant, investigate the cause(s) of his/her behavior, and work in partnership with students and families to ensure attendance. Modification of the student's educational program to meet particular needs and interests must be within the context of the District's instructional standards;
    E. ensure that any student who, due to a medically documented physical or mental impairment, exceeds or may exceed the District's limit on absences is referred for an eligibility evaluation either under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973;
    F. ensure that staff recognize students' observance/celebration of religious holidays, including the guidelines for excusing and/or exempting students from, or extending timelines for, academic work, and not scheduling events/activities, that conflict with such times.

    M.C.L.A. 380.1561, 380.1561(3a-3c), 380.1586(3)
    Revised 1/09
    Revised 12/02/14
    Revised 3/03/15

Truancy Action Plan

    Follow district attendance policy #5200
    EXEMPT ABSENCES = Under medical care – (requires doctor note); bereavement, religious observation; school approved – (this includes suspensions), extended absence with building principal approval
    Contact parent/guardian (District advisement letter)

    Meet with parent/guardian and student
    Develop Action Plan utilizing resources
    Documented district action (agreement of Action Plan signed by all parties)

    Meet with parent/guardian and District Truancy Liaison
    Discussion of potential referral to Oakland County and legal ramifications
    Documented district action

    District Truancy Liaison completes Oakland Schools referral and submits to
    Oakland Schools Truancy Program for further follow up and action.