• Pest Control, Integrated Pest management, Pesticides, and Herbicides

    Birmingham Public Schools has a long standing relationship with the EnviroSafe Company. EnviroSafe specializes in the special challenges of school districts in dealing with pests and pest management. Their solutions always start with the least invasive, non-chemical methods possible in areas where district students and staff could possibly come in contact and progress only to other methods when absolutely necessary.
    We know that exposure in today’s environment is a great concern to you as parents, staff and students and we absolutely agree.
    If you would like to learn more about EnviroSafe and their services, this is a link to the EnviroSafe website.
    EnviroSafe provides us with a library of information about dealing with pests as naturally and chemical free as possible. These brief reports are very helpful and may assist you at BPS as well as outside. Please click on a topic below and a report will open up in a new window for you.
    * Ant Control                                          * Ants part II                                      * Ants part III
    * Flying Ants                                           * Bed Bugs                                           * Bed Bugs in Schools
    * Bees and Wasps                                 * Box Elder Bugs                                *Carpenter Bees
    * Cicada Killers                                       * Head Lice                                           * Mosquitos
    * The Mice Manual                               * Australian Roaches                           *Ticks (New 4-29-16)
    Per regulation and our district policies, parents may elect to be notified when more aggressive (Chemical) integrated pest management efforts are required at district buildings where their students attend. This link to an informational letter regarding notification of more aggressive treatments contains instructions for you about receiving notifications from the BPS Operations Department.

    * BPS pesticide / herbicide advisory letter
    Herbicides, fertilizers and outdoor pesticides are rarely ever used at Birmingham Public Schools. We understand here as well that environmental exposure is a great concern to you as parents, staff and students and we have adopted procedure and practice is consistent with that concern.
    When outdoor chemicals are used, the areas are properly posted and signed in accordance with regulation. All applications are performed by trained, certified and state licensed personnel.  Applications are done at times of day to minimize any exposures such as after school is out, weekends and during school breaks.
    We try to practice weed control measures in open lawn spaces that do not include the use of weed herbicides. We understand that the natural look of some of these spaces can be challenging, however we do not accept the environmental exposure to our staff and students to be worth the trade off for manicured lawn spaces where students will have presence.
    Why does the sports turf look significantly better than the front lawn of the school? Sports turf is managed very differently than lawn turf and at a greater expense. Most of the sports turf areas are utilizing sprinkler systems that are managed closely and our staff uses seeding, aerating and turf practices that support dense, resistant turf that controls weeds naturally. We do occasionally support sports turf areas with fertilizer. When used this applied at the minimum necessary levels and safely applied by trained and licensed district personnel.