• Bus Stop Changes

    Our Transportation system is routed using the Versa-Trans routing system.  This was implemented in 2013.   Versa-Trans is a tool that our staff uses to route the school buses and create school bus stops; part of their effort to provide high quality, safe and efficient transportation services to the students and families of Birmingham Public Schools.

    As with any tool we realize that it is not perfect and only as good as the information that it has to work with.  At the same time, we operate the tool with all of the professional knowledge in our system including the Birmingham Public Schools Board of Education Policies and the Laws in the State of Michigan regarding School Bus Transportation.

    Please see the quick links on the right of this column and our man page for valuable links that will assist you with information regarding school bus laws and school bus rules and regulations.

    Bus stop change request forms are available at the bottom of this page.  Once a bus stop change request has been received it will be reviewed by the transportation department and answered.  Further review of a bus stop change request can be made by the Operations Department, District Administration, a Bus Stop Appeals Committee, the Superintendent, and ultimately by the Board of Education.

    Transportation to an alternate location

    We can provide transportation to locations other than your assigned bus stop i.e. for child care and other reasons.  Because of the size of our system and the number of students / parents involved - these arrangements need to be set up on a M - F basis.

    If you need your student to be transported to other locations on a more occasional basis you need to write a note TO THE SCHOOL so that they can be placed on an alternative route as needed.

    Approval of alternative transportation location requests is based on the availability of seat space on a route.  Transportation will be made to existing bus stops within the transportation zone of the current school.

    Alternate location request forms are available at the bottom of this page.


    Forms can be printed or scanned and returned it to the Transportation Department via US Mail or fax it to them directly.  This information is on the form.


    Bus Stop Change Request

    Alternate Location Request