• (January 2017)

    2017 Individual Category Scholastic Art Awards

    The Southeastern Michigan Region of the Scholastic Art Awards is sponsored by the College for Creative Studies and supported by an advisory board of volunteer art teachers.  This region receives more than 6,200 works of art and 250 portfolios from middle school and high school students, which are then adjudicated and selected for Honorable Mentions, Silver and Gold Key Awards, American Vision nominations, and Best of Show Portfolios.

    Congratulations to:

    Callie Barnas
    Honorable Mention Editorial Cartoon

    Nick Joseph
    Gold Key Digital Art
    Gold Key Photography
    Gold Key Photography
    Silver Key Photography
    Honorable Mention Photography

    Victoria Kincaid
    Gold Key Photography
    Honorable Mention Photography
    Honorable Mention Photography

    Samantha Mantua
    Silver Key Ceramics & Glass

    Larkin O'Gorman
    Gold Key Photography
    Silver Key Photography
    Silver Key Photography


    Groves Scriptor takes home 3 First Place National Awards for the second year in a row

    Groves Scriptor takes home 3 First Place National Awards for the second year in a row

    For the second year in a row, the  American Scholastic Press Association awarded The Scriptor three first place awards in their national competition:  National First Place for Newsmagazine,  National First Place for Investigative Reporting, and a National First Place for Sports Photography  

    Each year ASPA’s  panel of journalists and educators rank student newsmagazines from colleges and high schools across the United States based on the following criteria: coverage, ethics, research and writing, page design, general plan, art/photography, business acumen, creativity, editing, and community leadership.

    Each category is further broken down into multiple rubrics related to writing, design, and research ethics.  This year, the Scriptor  scored in the highest on the rubrics to earn a these first place Awards. 

    In this year's, congratulations letter to the Scriptor staff, the ASPA 2016 the judges wrote: “Scriptor is an excellent publication, which deserves first place.  Creating  a magazine teaches students the fundamentals of publishing and a variety of writing modes,  proofreading and editing skills, concepts of design and composition and promotes a community of young writers, thereby promoting esteem and school-wide status.  Your magazine shows the superior efforts of talented and creative writers, artists, photographers, layout/graphics designers, staff members, and adviser.”

    The judges ranked the Scriptor especially high on  research, writing,  photography, and creativity.

    The following newspaper students were especially instrumental in helping the Scriptor win this award:

    Christian Zietvogel

    Charlotte Beggs

    Connor Bradbury

    Justin Sherman

    Ali Abdalla

    Misha Adler

    Eric Gaines

    Connor Mason

    Molly Ryan

    Chris Biddle

    Gavin Barry

    Shane Donovan

    Rebecca Gonska

    Derrik Lockhart

    Jaxon Bumbaugh

    Derrik Lockhart

    Please send your congratulations to any of the above students.

    Thank you to the Groves staff and the district administration for helping us also win this award by granting my students interviews, spending your time helping students understand our community and issues concerning our school (s) and by encouraging Groves students to pursue their interests in journalism.   A newspaper/magazine cannot win such accolades without the support of the entire staff of the school and district.


    Groves Orchestra MSBOA District Solo & Ensemble Results 

    Members of the Groves Orchestra program participated in the MSBOA (Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association) District Solo and Ensemble Festival held at Brighton High School on January 18, 2017.  This is an event where students perform a solo, and/or in an ensemble, and compete against a set criteria for a rating.  The rating guidelines are as follows:  Division I = Superior, Division II = Excellent, Division III = Good, Division IV = Fair, Division V = Poor.   

    We are proud to announce that the Groves Orchestra program had 24 events participate resulting in 19 Division I, and 5 Division II ratings!!!  Our Groves orchestra students have worked very hard in preparation for this event and we are extremely proud of their efforts!  Please congratulate the following students at your earliest convenience:

    Division I

    (in no particular order)

    Stephanie Green, Ethan Biederman, Anna Citko, Tessa Irish-Minewiser- string quartet

    Alison Brandt- violin solo

    Claire Wilusz- violin solo

    Tessa Irish-Minewiser- cello solo

    Samantha Zerafa, Zaria Seabron, Parker Tomkinson- violin trio

    Claire Wilusz & Tessa Irish-Minewiser-  violin & cello duet

    Morghan Larson- violin solo

    Samantha Zerafa- violin solo

    Kendall Pollard- violin solo

    Ethan Bieberman- violin solo

    Stephanie Green- violin solo

    Josh Holmes & Curtis Rogers- cello duet

    Alexander Shier- cello solo

    Morghan Larson & Molly Kohl- violin duet

    Zaria Seabron- violin solo

    Jilianne Kowalchuk- violin solo

    Kaan Gurun- piano solo

    Jana Dinkeloo- violin solo

    Molly Kohl- violin solo

     Division II

    Joy Tenjeras- viola solo

    Anna Citko- viola solo

    Ben Tushman- viola solo

    Aaron Stottlemyer- viola solo

    John Doyle- cello solo

     (December 2016)

    39 Superior Rankings

    40 Groves High School theatre students attended the Michigan Thespian Festival
    at SVSU and made history by receiving the most superior ratings ever.
    (Superior is the highest a student can achieve,
    similar to a 1 rating for Solo/Ensemble in the music world).

    Superior Rating:

    Short Film                           Misha Adler

    Monologue                        Victoria Lurz

    Playwriting                         Lexy Schusterbrown, Chance Stephenson

    Duet Acting                        Maddy Hardey/James Laport

     Solo Dance                         Cassie Delgado 

    Group Musical                  Sophie Dara, Megan Darby,  Noel Stanley, Hailey VanWordragen, Becca Woodrow

     Scenic Design                    Harvey Reeves, Sean Sullivan

     Monologue                        Caitlin McCoy

     Group Acting                     Grace Balow, Sophie Dara, Griffin Kozlow, Scotty Lockwood

     Duet Musical                     McKenna Moosekian/Jordan Davis

     Solo Musical Theatre        Sophie Erlich

     Sound Design                    Alexandria Pawlik, Harvey Reeves, Sean Sullivan

     Group Musical                 Jordan Davis, Griffin Kozlow,

    Isaiah Johns, James Laport, Scotty Lockwood, PJ Roberts,  Hunter Stabile

     Stage Management        Ruby Kolender,  Alison Rhen

     Group Dance                     James Hardy/Ashley Stewart

     Duet Musical                     Marshall Ross/Paige Stearn

     Costume Design               Caitlin McCoy, Olivia Reeves

     Monologue                        Marshall Ross

     Duet Musical                     Mia Ersher/Victoria Lurz

     Theatre Marketing          Sophie Erlich, Alison Rhen, Hunter Stabile

     Solo Musical                      Olivia Reeves

     Lighting Design                 Alexandria Pawlik

    Group Acting                     Megan Darby, Beau Lerner, Lexy Schusterbrown, Chance Stephenson

    Solo Dance                         Talia Stern

     Makeup Design                Misha Adler, Hailey VanWordragen,  Becca Woodrow

     Group Musical                  Mia Ersher, Victoria Lurz, Talia Stern

     Solo Dance                         Halle Tilotti

     Group Dance                     Halle Tilotti/Cassie Delgado

    Duet Acting                        Ryan Larson/Ashley Stewart

     Excellent Rating:

    Duet Acting                        James Hardy/Beau Lerner

    Solo Musical Theatre      PJ Roberts

    Costume Design               Noel Stanley

    Lighting Design                  Ari Kohl

    Ensemble Acting              Ruby Kolender/Ryan Larson/

    Natalia McIntyre/Paige Stearn

     Individual Events

    Individual Events are an opportunity for an individual or small group of students to present scenes, musical numbers or design ideas for a panel of three judges.  All of the judges are either university educators or theatre professionals. The judges evaluate the students on a series of criteria and then rank the students with a rating of Superior (1st), an Excellent (2nd), or Good (3rd) or Fair (4th).  Students compete against standards, not other students. 

    (Nov. 2016)

    Oakland County Robotics Championship

    Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016, the Seaholm/Groves robotics team, the "Automation Nation",  captured 1stplace at the Oakland County Robotics Championship.  In addition, we were awarded the tournament Strategic Design Award and were named finalists for the 2016 OCCRA Foundation Award, which takes into account other things your team does, mentoring, community outreach, etc.


    Robotics team wins OCCRA tournament

    The Birmingham robotics team won 1st place out of 24 teams at last night’s Oakland County Competitive Robotics tournament.  This years’ game is “Go 4 It”, a game that resembles Connect 4 for 120 pound robots and uses 10 inch kick balls for scoring pieces.  Students from Seaholm and Groves took 6 weeks to design, build, test, and program the robot.

    (Oct. 2016)


    At the Okemos HS invitational held at Lansing Community College on October 21-22, 2016, several Groves debaters received individual speaker awards. David Boarman, at his first novice tournament, was top speaker in the novice division in a field of 26 competitors. In the open or varsity division, Piper Meloche was 3rd and Luke Bagdon 4th individual speakers. Posting winning 3-2 records in the novice division were teams of David Boarman and Ari Sherman, and the three person teams of Jonathan Giha, Dennis Coates and Jasmine Worthy.


    Marching Band

    The Groves High School Falcon Marching Band performed at the MSBOA District 4 Marching Band Festival and received an overall Division 1 rating. This is a fantastic achievement by this group of students who have been working extremely hard since the first week of August. Also please recognize Sean Smith assistant director of bands, Brian Stukey our drum line instructor and Sarah Stukey for all the hard work they have put into our season.

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