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  • Welcome to Pembroke! 

    Pembroke is a warm, welcoming learning community, and a great place for children and adults alike. Collaboration, collective effort and commitment are just a few things that you will experience as a part of the Pembroke community. When you visit our school, the pride and dedication of our students, parents and staff are apparent at all times.

    As a learning community, we emphasize the importance of developing every child’s social, emotional and academic abilities. All stakeholders make an intentional effort to create an inclusive learning environment. Radiant smiles, teachers as facilitators, parent volunteers and walls covered with student work are all part of our culture, because we know that success for all is achievable when students and families feel welcomed and are involved in every aspect of the education process.

    At Pembroke, students are challenged at all academic levels and prepared to be competitive at each level of their education experience and beyond. We are committed to continual learning of instructional best practice and provide learning experiences that integrate critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. We are fortunate to be in a district that not only supports the arts, foreign language and character education, but also provides access to technology across the curriculum. Our staff understands that each child has different needs and we take pride in meeting all learners where they are and supporting the continued growth of the whole child.

    The ultimate goal at Pembroke is to aid in the development of outstanding citizens. This is demonstrated through our achievement as a Michigan Green School with Evergreen Status, our recognition as a National School of Character and our student and staff participation in a variety of clubs and community service projects. Pembroke learners develop the knowledge, habits and perspectives required to produce high achieving, critically thinking problem solvers that are well equipped to be leaders today and into the future.

    If you are a prospective family, please contact our main office at 248-203-3888 to schedule a personal tour of our building and join the Pembroke commitment to excellence.



    Susan Crocker



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