• Custodial Services

    In the 2007 – 2008 school year, Birmingham Public Schools became one of the first significant school districts in Michigan to form a contract partnership for the provision of Custodial Operations. The initiation of this contracted relationship is responsible for over 2.5 million dollars of initial savings, and an additional 2 to 3 million dollars of savings annually.  The continued success of this program is important for our students, staff and community.

    Effective December 23, 2016 the contractor partner for the provision of custodial services, as well as some staffing in maintenance and grounds is GRBS.  

    GRBS was founded in 1915 as a window cleaning company in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan and has been succeeding ever since.  Currently the company is servicing over 30 million square feet of buildings in Michigan, Indiana, & Illinois.  GRBS has been cleaning the 5/3 banks (formerly Old Kent Banks) for 45 years!


    For contact information for our local GRBS Managers as well as the GRBS regional Offices, please see the GRBS Custodial Contacts page.


    GRBS has a wealth of information about the company, their programs, services, recognitions, scholarships, and more on their website - grbsinc.com

    To apply for a position with GRBS, please see their website, contact the local office, regional offices, or access their open positions through Indeed.com