• About the waitlist and age to start...

    You have a long waitlist. Is it worthwhile to put my child's name on it?

    Our waiting list is longest for the three year old program, because this is the time when parents typically want to start their children in a program. We can accommodate about 35 toddlers, 50 three year olds, and about 60 four year olds. We fill spots from the waitlist throughout the year whenever we have a drop. It is worthwhile to put your child's name on the waitlist.

    What if I don't live in the BPS school district yet, but I'm planning on moving?

    BPS district residents have first priority to register in our program. After May 1 we will open up registration to the public. In order to get on our waitlist, regardless of residency, you must provide us with a picture I.D. that shows your address and the child's birth certificate. We will call district residents on our list first.

    How long will my child remain on the waitlist?

    Your child will remain on the waiting list until he/she is offered a spot or until he/she is eligible to attend kindergarten. We fill spots throughout the year as they become available.

    How old must my child be to start in the program? The program starts in September.

    • Toddlers must be 18 months by September 1.
    • Three year olds must be 3 by September 1.
    • Four year olds must be 4 by September 1.