• AP English Language and Composition 

    Welcome to AP English Language and Composition!

    We begin our journey with an entire trimester of work under our belts and a longing to reawaken our inner-English students. I hope you have been ruminating on Orwell’s dark view of the future, as well as the content and style of your columnist's essays. We'll discuss these works and more during our first weeks together as we begin to develop a more incisive, active approach to reading and a more cogent, engaging writing style. You can access helpful resources for the course at the AP English Language and Composition student page.  I look forward to an exciting 2/3 of a school year with you!


    Rhetoric All Around You

    As you gain a fuller understanding of how rhetorical choices shape a writer's message, pay close attention to interesting examples of rhetoric you encounter daily.  Collect examples of notable language use in the world of politics, advertising, entertainment, day-to-day interactions, Facebook status updates, etc. and share them with the class.  
    Rhetorical triangle