• Girls Tennis

    Grades: 6,7,8

    Coach: Gary Nicholls



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    Date Away Home
    9/16/19 Berkshire EHMS
    9/18/19 WHMS Berkshire
    9/23/19 Berkshire Derby
    9/25/19 Berkshire BHMS
    TBD (probably 10/3) Berkshire Cranbrook
    10/2/19 Country Day Berkshire
    10/7/19 Berkshire Berkley
    10/10/19 EHMS Berkshire
    10/14/19 Berkshire WHMS
    10/16/19 Derby Berkshire
    10/22/19 1&2 Singles WHMS
      3&4 Singles BHMS
    10/23/19 1&2 Doubles WHMS
      3&4 Doubles BHMS
    Player Information: 2019 Girls Tennis Information
    Please note there is no transportation provided for tennis. Parents are responsible for taking students to practice and all matches. All practices and home matches will take place at the Birmingham Country Club.