• Reflections from a current student about her summer experiences at pre-college programs:UofM Cohort SScott

    Sofia Scott (Class of 2024), University of Chicago and University of Michigan summer programs.

    This past summer, I was accepted into two prestigious academic programs; the University of Chicago's Voltage Scholars Enrichment Program and the University of Michigan’s Health Sciences Pre-college Exposure Academy.  Each program provided campers with university housing and exposure to authentic college experiences.  The first camp I attended was hosted by the University of Chicago’s School of Economics. I was one of the 44 students from across the country. It is a three-day residential camp for 10th grade students from diverse backgrounds with a passion for economics.  The program includes lectures to study the concepts of macro and microeconomics taught by distinguished Professor John List.  We also received a copy of his bestselling book, the Voltage Effect which talks about scaling good ideas into great ideas while creating a widespread impact in society. The lectures were imparted alongside college students from the Becker Friedman Institute. I enjoyed this camp because of how much freedom it gave the students. I made new friends from other parts of the country. I also had team building activities - including a tour of downtown Chicago.

    In July, I participated in the University of Michigan Health Sciences Pre-College camp. This is a hybrid four-week program for high school students to learn about the university and medical professions. The first couple of weeks included SAT preparation from Princeton Review which I found extremely helpful. There were daily online workshops designed to gain exposure to healthcare professions and foster bonding among students. The last week included a four-day residential stay. We participated in anatomy and physiology lectures integrated with various lab activities. I had the opportunity to dissect a fetal pig which was my first “surgical” experience. We researched the struggles of minorities pursuing higher education among other factors such as health disparities. At the end of the week, we delivered our presentations to parents, instructors and program participants. We also had a lot of fun activities and time to hangout with friends. I made very special connections with the other students and my roommate which I will cherish forever.  

    Economics and Health Science are two different areas and I found them both fascinating. I was able to learn about the various career paths and if they were suitable for me.  My favorite part was the on-campus experience. I was treated as a college student while only being 15 years old. These outstanding programs have helped me improve my leadership skills and be more independent. I am grateful to my counselor and teachers for providing their instruction and recommendations. I would encourage Groves students to apply next year if you are interested in learning more about these fields.  

    Voltage Program Cohort

    Thanks to: Professor John List, University of Chicago  for the Voltage photo!