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  • Microsoft is evolving! Meet the new icons for Office 365!

    Posted by Dwight Levens on 12/3/2018 7:00:00 AM

    In the coming months Microsoft will roll out new icons beginning with web and mobile versions of the Office 365 software. Microsoft's last icon update was in 2013. Expect to see these changes apply to such programs as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Outlook and Skype. 


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  • Email Etiquette

    Posted by Todd Szalai on 3/7/2018 10:00:00 AM

    Using the BCC field.


    There are two basic reasons to use the BCC field:

    1. Privacy - To prevent all of the recipients from seeing each other's names or email addresses.
    2. Prevention - To minimize confusion in case someone does a "Reply All" instead of a simple reply to a large group or list of recipients


    When using the full client of Outlook on a District computer,  you can make the BCC field visible and easily used.

    1. Click on Options
    2. Click on BCC to toggle it On (or off again)


    When using Outlook Web Access, the BCC field is already visible



     Privacy - A classic example of using BCC is for informing a group of parents when you do not want everyone to see everyone elses email address.


    Prevention - Same classic example of the group of parents: 

    Too often a parent mistakenly does a "Reply All" when they meant to do a reply, just to you.  Using BCC prevents that problem from happening.   Even internally, such as for those authorized to use the "Staff-All Buildings"group, putting that in the BCC field rather than the TO or CC field prevents accidental flooding of everyone's email.  

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  • How to Fix 7 Annoyances in iOS 11

    Posted by Todd Szalai on 2/14/2018

    Updating iOS on your iPhone or iPad is always a good idea. It provides improved operation, fixes bugs, and adds features. However, sometimes it may throw a minor wrench into things. The article linked below can provide solutions to the most common of these problems.

    How to fix 7 annoyances in iOS 11


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  • Changing Your Password

    Posted by Todd Szalai on 8/25/2016

    If you are in the district:

    At any time, you can change your password from a district computer.

    • After you have logged in, hold CTRL-ALT-DELETE
    • On the menu that comes up, click on Change a Password

     Change Password Windows 10

    If you are out of the district:

    From a laptop/desktop computer and a web browser (not a smartphone or tablet):

    • Go to the district website, click on “Staff Only Links”, click on Outlook Web Access (OWA)
    • Log in as normal
    • Find the gear in the upper right, next to your name, for Settings
    • Click on the 2nd to last option, “Change password”
    • The “Domain\user name” should be filled in for you. If not, it is BPS-STAFF\[username]
    • Fill in the rest and click SAVE!

     Change Password OWA

    Remember, you cannot use a password you have used before. The password has to have a minimum of 8 characters and must contain at least 3 of the following 4 items:

    • Uppercase letters
    • Lowercase letters
    • Numbers
    • Symbols


    Bonus tip: After you change your password, set a calendar reminder in Outlook for 60-80 days out to remind you to change it again before it expires!

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  • Checking Voicemail Remotely

    Posted by Todd Szalai on 6/17/2016

    To Access Your Voicemail From Outside of the District

    1. Dial 248.203.4000
    2. Press *
    3. Enter your mailbox number
    4. Press *
    5. Enter your passcode

    It is suggested you wait for the system to start speaking before each step. Otherwise, it does not always detect the keys you press.

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  • BBB: Backing-up Browser Bookmarks!

    Posted by Todd Szalai on 6/16/2016

    One of the most overlooked items when backing up data on your computer is your browser bookmark list. All those websites that you put in your Favorites stay on your local computer. If you switch computers, your hard drive fails, or your computer is reimaged the favorites are lost! The file below has directions for the major browsers.

    Backup Browser Bookmarks

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  • How to Clear Your Cache

    Posted by Todd Szalai on 3/16/2016 10:00:00 AM

    If a website you frequent all of a sudden won’t load or gives you “Server Error”, you can try to clear the cache. While this won’t solve all issues, it’s a good first troubleshooting step!

    In Microsoft Edge:

    • Click the three dots in the upper right
    • Click on Settings
    • Under Clear browsing data, click on Choose what to clear
    • Check the boxes next to Cookies and saved website data and Cached data and files
    • Click on Clear

     In Chrome:

    • Click the three bars in the upper right
    • Go to More Tools...  then Clear Browsing Data
    • Adjust the drop down at the top to “the beginning of time”
    • Click the Clear browsing data button
    • Close the browser, and re-open it

     In Firefox:

    • Click the three lines in the upper right, Choose Options
    • Go to Privacy
    • Under History, click “clear your recent history”
    • Change time range to “Everything”
    • Click Clear Now
    • Close the browser, and re-open it

    In Safari:

    • Open the Settings App
    • Tap "Safari" along the Left side
    • Tap "Clear History and Website Data" and confirm
    • Double tap the home button, and swipe up on Safari to close the browser. Then re-open it


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  • How to refresh your webpage

    Posted by Todd Szalai on 2/1/2016

    If you need to refresh your web page just press the <F5> key.

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