• After-School/Activities
    Berkshire Students have many opportunities to participate in adult supervised after school activities. Students are 
    expected to go directly to these activities at the end of the school day. For the safety and security of all students, if a 
    student is not participating in an adult supervised activity it is the parent’s responsibility to arrange for 
    transportation home immediately after school. Students are not allowed to remain in the hallways or on school 
    property after 3:30pm without supervision. 

    Students that are spectators of a sporting event are expected to go home immediately after school and are only 
    allowed to return to school after 4:00 pm at the start of the event. Students are expected to follow the directions of 
    the event supervisor and remain in the appropriate area until the end of the activity. Students that are unable or 
    unwilling to comply with these rules will not be allowed to participate in future after school activities. Students are 
    prohibited from attending after school activities if they don’t have their student ID.