• Dress and Appearance

    The Berkshire staff and PTA request all students and parents support the following dress and appearance standards:

    • Undergarments and midriff (front and back) must be covered at all times and pants must be worn at the waist.
    • Shorts/skirts must be as long as the students’ fingertips when their arms are fully extended down.
    • The following tops are not allowed: strapless, backless, halter, low-cut, or tube tops.
    • Straps on sleeveless shirts must be at least 2 inches wide.
    • Form fitting clothing (spandex, leggings, hard tail pants, or bike shorts) is not permitted unless covered by another garment that comes to the end of the fingertips.
    • No imprinting (related to violence, sex, illegal drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or inappropriate language) is allowed on clothing.
    • Headwear (hats, scarves, bandannas, etc.) is not allowed to be worn at any time in the building (except for religious or health reasons).
    • Shoes must be worn in halls and classrooms (no slippers).
    • Open toe shoes are not permitted in Engineering Technology, SFL, or Art classrooms.
    • Coats, jackets, hats, and book bags are to be kept in lockers.


    Berkshire periodically has special dress-up days when hats, for example, are permitted in classes. These events will be announced to students and parents in advance. A “good rule of thumb” for parents:  If there is any doubt about something your child wants to wear to school, deny permission for your child to wear it.